And what's the name?

Whether start-up or feature film, event or soft drink, product innovation or restaurant: everything needs a suitable name. It should differentiate and be noticeable, attract attention in the competition and help your idea, product or service to prevail on the market. And this is how we come into play: nobrokkoli. As a name agency, we specialize in the development of strong company, brand and product names.

Brand experience

LSG Sky Chefs - Lufthansa - Spiriant - Samsung - Hertz Autovermietung - Bosch-Rexroth - Clariant - Steigenberger Hotels - DER Touristik - Windsor Fine Clothing - Clothcraft - Strellson - Chrysler - Jeep - Deutsche Bank - Südwestbank - Merck Finck & Co - SIX Swiss Exchange - Philip Morris - AEG - Niehoffs Vaihinger - PricewaterhouseCoopers - Allen & Overy - Braun - Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018 - Städel Museum - Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt - Beiersdorf - Syngenta - John Deere - Winora - Union Investment - DZ Bank - Messe Frankfurt - Pepsi Cola - Bosch Elektrowerkzeuge - Kiobis - Commerzbank    


Names make brands

We consider a name as being more than just a description of a product, company or service. Rather, it is an essential part of the corporate, brand or product strategy. A good name must be savoured and memorable. It can make products and companies more successful, associate personal experiences with brands and in doing so become part of people's lives.

A strong brand name opens opportunities. It carries a unique and unmistakable story – a story that wants to be told. Over and over again, yet different every time. For generations. A strong name can create legends.

That's why name development at nobrokkoli isn't created in microprocessors, but rather in people's heads. In the heads of people who have an uncanny ability to continually make connections between things that don't seem to have anything to do with each other: Greek mythology with the invention of the spark plug, HTML with Gottfried Benn or Pulp Fiction with the scent of freshly mown grass.

We put our faith in synapses instead of algorithms to find the name – in targeted development instead of automatic generation and in carefully selected proposals, not just search results. That is why every name from nobrokkoli comes with the promise of bringing an unmistakable story with it – and with the chance of one day being a legend.


We tell the story of your brand’s future

We develop names, claims, slogans and strong stories about your brand, your product or your company. We are also experienced partners when it comes to name families or the name architecture for several products or services. In addition, we bring your brand history to the point in an emotional manifesto, which we can also implement as a film.
  • Naming


    To create a memorable name or name system we get deeply involved in the milieu that the company, brand or product name will be part of and the market that it has to assert itself in. When creating the name, we develop all aspects that are required for a unique selling proposition and we also support you strategically. nobrokkoli is assisted by solicitor Dirk Lehr, who, if you desire, can offer you advice on everything from research to registration at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA).

  • Claiming


    The role that claims play is often underestimated. Claims, or slogans as they are sometimes called, can roll out a red carpet for the story hidden inside a name or even anchor a product name to a brand. Claims can build a bridge to the product family or cast a light on the special nature of the name. We come up with claims that make names shine and brands grow.

  • Storytelling


    Every name we develop also comes with a story. It could be about the foundation of a new company, reorientation of an area of business or a product innovation. It's in situations like these where storytelling is fantastic as a promising opportunity to communicate knowledge and ideas in a simple, emotional way and is useful for both internal and external communication. We translate your brand history into a strong manifesto that you can use in a variety of ways - for example as a motivational film, but also online or as part of a campaign.

  • Scoops


    Scoops is the film format of nobrokkoli. Here we tell the story of your brand with strong images, emotional words and music. This form of storytelling is not about the what or the how, but about the why of your company, brand or product story. Scoops don't explain, they show. Scoops don't describe - they convince.
    If you are interested in our scoops, please contact us. We will gladly send you the link to our showreel.


Lots of experience and even more passion for your brand name

We develop names for highly varied products, companies, services and sectors, including property, fashion, gastronomy, lifestyle, literature, film, financial services and events. Here are some examples of brand, product and company names that have emerged at nobrokkoli.

Building Materials



Building Materials | Omniplan®

For Brillux – a renowned manufacturer of lacquers and paints –, we developed a series of name families for the putty sector. We really got enthusiastic about the products of this traditional and super likeable company after a lot of digging into the subject. A whole series of the names we have developed have already successfully been applied for and registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office.




Event | SIP!

We have developed SIP! for a special form of wine tasting. To sip means  to drink in small sips. And that's exactly what's supposed to happen at SIP! This is not just a wine tasting, but a wine flight with five wines of the same grape variety from five different regions. Or with five wines from the same region from different vineyards. We have also developed the claim: Regions, Sites & Consorts. And we look forward to continuing to provide communications support for this wonderful event.




Podcast | Flurfunk

A podcast about home office and video conferencing, about new values for executives, about table soccer and beanbags, about the office of the future and about the fact that every cookie and every sock counts for a better eco-balance. We not only developed the name for the randstad foundation, but also took on the conception, moderation and production of the podcast. The meaning of the name "Flurfunk" is similar to the English "grapevine". Everywhere there are podcasts. For example also here.

Financial Services

Money Mate®


Financial Services | Money Mate®

Commerzbank's private customer division was looking for a name for its new wealth management service - a modern way of investing money and the perfect combination of digital offering and personal advice, as transparent as it is simple. It enables private investors to enter the world of financial markets without having to be an expert themselves. We developed: money mate - your partner for investing.

Beauty & Wellness



Beauty & Wellness | Liquivée®

A wellness beverage promising beauty, good feeling and healthy living. The keywords in the briefing for the name development were light and easy, a little bit cosmetic – healthy, but not medical. From now on, the small, elegant vial will be right at home in a handbag beside the compact mirror and lipstick.




Consulting | spring

Hardly any other word has so many different meanings as "spring": it is spring, the driving force, the source. And "spring" also simply means "to jump". For example into the cold water of change. A clear, fresh name for a new company that offers organisational consulting and coaching. By the way, we helped to develop the claim and the website aswell: spring consulting.

Health Care



Health Care | alley®

alley is an app that accompanies people with complex diseases on their treatment path. Actually alley is much more than an app. alley is a medical assistant, information platform and adviser in one. alley bundles data for the holistic recording of the medical history for the doctor and for better preparation for the doctor's appointment for patients. alley provides information about risk factors and shows different therapy options. Simply by smartphone.

Digital Self-Care

Hello Inside®


Digital Self-Care | Hello Inside®

A new app – developed by Roots GmbH, Vienna – that measures personal metabolism to help you stay healthy and fit. Even when it comes to biodata and measurability: There is no happiness without health. Hello Inside promises insights and invites a dialogue with the inner self. Despite the seriousness of the subject, this has a friendly lightness.

Education and Teaching



Education and Teaching | Buzzer

The lecture series at Mainz University of Appied Science is for communication designers who are about to complete their bachelor's degree. Six practical speakers give direct, open and concise insights and answer students' questions. Prof. Nadja Mayer developed the name: shake up and wake up is the intention of the lectures. Because after the bachelor is before the job – so it is important to be well prepared.


Shortcut Surrealism


Culture | Shortcut Surrealism

A fur-covered tea cup. Melting clocks. Twisted perspectives, mysterious creatures and a pipe, of which the caption insists: »This is not a pipe«. On the occasion of the exhibition »Fantastische Frauen« The fifth SHORTCUT for the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT deals with the topic »Surrealism«. This is the shortest route to more knowledge: Surrealism


Slot Tray®


Aviation | Slot Tray®

The development of the name for a product in the onboard service of airlines. Thanks to a specially designed slot, passengers can place it on their fold-up tray without it sliding away, and it can also be stacked exceptionally easily. Slot Tray® – sounds better than ‚slot machine’, doesn't it?

Geo Marketing



Geo Marketing | Scopience

Scopience is an institute which deals with the behavior of people in space. The institute offers a unique combination of scientific work and hands-on experience that provides valuable insights, valid forecasts and benchmarks for the marketing of the future. At the same time Scopience also gives the still young science a name.


Shortcut New York School


Culture | Shortcut New York School

What does a picture represent if it does not represent anything? How can emotions be painted? And couldn't the act of painting itself be captured on the canvas? On the occasion of the exhibition by Lee Krasner, the fourth SHORTCUT for the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT deals with the topic »Abstract Expressionism« – made famous by the New York School. The quickest route to more knowledge: Abstract Expressionism

University Project

Ponys in der Tiefgarage


University Project | Ponys in der Tiefgarage

20 students of the design department at Mainz University of Applied Sciences dealt with the future of our cities. Initiated and accompanied by Prof. Nadja Mayer, an exciting podcast was created on topics such as waste and recycling, mobility, social interaction, smart cities, living space and green in the city. The students did everything themselves from research to finding a name to music and editing. Listen here, for example: Ponys in der Tiefgarage


Shortcut Conceptual Art


Culture | Shortcut Conceptual Art

What does the disco ball actually do in an exhibition? And why is that art? On the occasion of the exhibition by John Armleder, the third SHORTCUT for the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT deals with the theme »conceptual art«. The quickest route to more knowledge: Conceptual Art      




Magazine | Orangegrün

For the Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018 appeared a magazine with interesting articles about urban gardening, bees, tiny houses, botany, urban mobility and much more. The name is a reference to the corporate design, which has promoted this unusual garden show with a butterfly and bright orange. And »grün« of course stands for nature. The magazine, which was created in cooperation with Poarangan Brand Design & Consulting, was awarded the Berlin Type Diploma Text in 2018.  

Internal Communications



Internal Communications | Forge

An international industrial group sought a name for an internal discussion board, on which employees worldwide can present and exchange unusual ideas and inventions. The company's history gave the steep slope and turned the digital platform into a forge of ideas.




Retail | Younit

A terminal that supports bicycle retailers with digital features. By entering a few body measurements, customers can find the perfect setting, make an individualized preselection, or simply browse through the digital catalog and save interesting information for the next visit. The product name is also a promise.


Shortcut Sculpture and Machine


Culture | Shortcut Sculpture and Machine

Why have people always dreamed of inspiring things and construct machines that miraculously move themselves? On the occasion of the exhibition with works by Bruno Gironcoli, the second SHORTCUT for the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT deals with the relationship between sculpture and machine over the millennia. The quickest route to more knowledge: Sculpture and Machine




Culture | Shortcuts

The Shortcuts for the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT are a new cinematic format of art education. The concept is based on the question of where artistic phenomena or styles come from and how they arise. Each Shortcut is designed for around two minutes, providing a short, direct route to more knowledge. For the first Shortcut we also developed the storytelling: Wildnis  

Digital Marketing

The New Beaucoup


Digital Marketing | The New Beaucoup

A service provider for digital marketing and social media based in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Unchartered territory with a twist: it basically covers anything and everything the digital world throws at us when it comes to marketing and communication opportunities. Merci beaucoup.


WGV Himmelblau


Insurance | WGV Himmelblau

The online budget version of the Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung a.G. (wgv) insurance company. An insurance company that doesn't just offer cheap policies, but also promises extremely simple settlement and a degree of carefreeness, which is now colourfully reflected in the brand name (‚himmelblau’ is German for ‚sky blue’).




Fitness | K4

A gym that flourishes off of the experience and reputation of its two founders, offering the highest quality individual training. K2, the summit between Pakistan and China and also a symbol of ultimate challenges, provided the inspiration for this company name, with the initials of the two personal trainers matching the idea perfectly.


Hertz Point Packers


Tourism | Hertz Point Packers

An incentive programme for travel agency employees. A name, almost an imperative. It captures the American essence of the brand yet leaves room for associations. It’s about sport, about points to collect, or better: scores of points that can be snatched up.

Online Shopping



Online Shopping | Antikwariat

‘Online shopping for beautiful books’ is the caption for this second-hand bookseller. It refers to books from the classical modern period, with a focus on concrete poetry – a form of poetry that makes language itself the purpose and subject of the poem. So from the German word ‚Antiquariat’ came ‚Antikwariat’, illustrating what the shop is about.


Karat & Öchsle


Event | Karat & Öchsle

Carat is known to be the measure of mass for gemstones and the fineness of gold. With Oechlse in turn you measure the must weight of wines. And best of all: Ferdinand Oechsle not only invented the must scales, he was also a goldsmith. Voilà: the name of the annual wine festival of the goldsmith Beate Schellhas.

Marketing & Communication



Marketing & Communication | Nobrokkoli

We'd love to share the story behind our name with you. Why don't we meet?


We are Nobrokkoli

Prof. Nadja Mayer, Creative

Nadja Mayer studied literature and philosophy and, when she's not busy making names for nobrokkoli, she works as a freelance copywriter and author. In addition to campaigns for banks, canned beer and anti-wrinkle creams, she writes about jazz, art and digital media. Since 2016 she's been Professor of Language and Text at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz.

»Favorite places in Frankfurt« is the name of the latest book by Nadja Mayer, published by Insel Verlag in mid-June 2020. Incidentally, the photos in the book come from Jochen Peter. It is, so to speak, a nobrokkoli production of a special kind: Favorite Places in Frankfurt

Jochen Peter, Consultant

Jochen Peter is a marketing expert with many years’ consulting experience in large international agencies. His clients during this time included consulting for Beiersdorf, Melitta, Licher and Philip Morris. Most recently he was managing director of his own agency and responsible for customers including Messe Frankfurt, Niehoffs Vaihinger and Union Investment. If he's not advising customers for nobrokkoli, he's usually working on small-scale collages which he regularly exhibits.

Dirk Lehr, Solicitor

nobrokkoli receives legal advice from solicitor Dirk Lehr. He has been working in the field of copyright, trademark and competition law for many years now and advises people and companies including businesspeople, advertising agencies, music producers, record companies, performers, photographers, artists and galleries. He is the author of titles such as ‘Industrial Property Rights, Copyright and Multimedia’ (in German) and ‘Competition Law’ (also in German) as well as columns for the Financial Times Germany.


We'd be delighted to talk with you. How about we take you out to lunch? Our only condition: nobrokkoli.