And what's the name?

Whether start-up or feature film, event or soft drink, product innovation or restaurant: everything needs a suitable name. It should differentiate and be noticeable, attract attention in the competition and help your idea, product or service to prevail on the market. And this is how we come into play: nobrokkoli.


We believe in the power of words

We consider a name as being more than just a description of a product, company or service. A good name must be savoured and memorable. It can make products and companies more successful, associate personal experiences with brands and in doing so become part of people’s lives.

A strong name opens opportunities. It carries a unique and unmistakable story – a story that wants to be told. Over and over again, yet different every time. For generations. A strong name can create legends.

That’s why the names at nobrokkoli aren’t created in microprocessors, but rather in people’s heads. In the heads of people who have an uncanny ability to continually make connections between things that don’t seem to have anything to do with each other: Greek mythology with the invention of the spark plug, HTML with Gottfried Benn or Pulp Fiction with the scent of freshly mown grass.

We put our faith in synapses instead of algorithms – in targeted development instead of automatic generation and in carefully selected proposals, not just search results. That is why every name from nobrokkoli comes with the promise of bringing an unmistakable story with it – and with the chance of one day being a legend.


We tell the story of your future

We develop names and claims. Nothing else. No gimmicky ‚… and more!’ solutions, just highly concentrated work on the name of your brand, product or company.

  • Names


    Whether it's a blog, perfume, film, financial product or startup: to create a memorable name or name system we get deeply involved in the milieu that the name will be part of and the market that it has to assert itself in. We give you strategic advice and work out all the finer details required to give you a unique selling point. If desired, we develop the content in a joint workshop too.

  • Claims


    The role that claims play is often underestimated. Claims, or slogans as they are sometimes called, can roll out a red carpet for the story hidden inside a name or even anchor a name to a brand. Claims can build a bridge to the product family or cast a light on the special nature of the name. We come up with claims that make names shine and brands grow.

  • Storytelling


    Every name we develop also comes with a story. It could be about the foundation of a new company, reorientation of an area of business or a product innovation. It's in situations like these where storytelling is fantastic as a promising opportunity to communicate knowledge and ideas in a simple, emotional way and is useful for both internal and external communication.

  • Rights and Protection


    As the number of things in this world grows, so too does the number of names. For this reason, uniqueness and unmistakability don't just create space for aesthetics and marketing, but also cover you legally. nobrokkoli is assisted by solicitor Dirk Lehr, who, if you desire, can offer you advice on everything from research to registration at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA).


We develop names for highly varied products, companies, services and sectors, including property, fashion, gastronomy, lifestyle, literature, film, financial services and events.




Magazine | Orangegrün

For the Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018 appeared a magazine with interesting articles about urban gardening, bees, tiny houses, botany, urban mobility and much more. The name is a reference to the corporate design, which has promoted this unusual garden show with a butterfly and bright orange. And »grün« of course stands for nature.  




Fitness | K4

A gym that flourishes off of the experience and reputation of its two founders, offering the highest quality individual training. K2, the summit between Pakistan and China and also a symbol of ultimate challenges, provided the inspiration for this, with the initials of the two personal trainers matching the idea perfectly.


Hertz Point Packers


Tourism | Hertz Point Packers

An incentive programme for travel agency employees. A name, almost an imperative. It captures the American essence of the brand yet leaves room for associations. It’s about sport, about points to collect, or better: scores of points that can be snatched up.

Beauty & Wellness



Beauty & Wellness | Liquivée®

A wellness beverage promising beauty, good feeling and healthy living. The name had to be light and easy, a little bit cosmetic – healthy, but not clinical. From now on, the small, elegant vial will be right at home in a handbag beside the compact mirror and lipstick.

Online Shopping



Online Shopping | Antikwariat

‘Online shopping for beautiful books’ is the caption for this second-hand bookseller. It refers to books from the classical modern period, with a focus on concrete poetry – a form of poetry that makes language itself the purpose and subject of the poem. So from the German word ‚Antiquariat’ came ‚Antikwariat’, illustrating what the shop is about.


WGV Himmelblau


Insurance | WGV Himmelblau

The online budget version of the Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung a.G. (wgv) insurance company. An insurance company that doesn't just offer cheap policies, but also promises extremely simple settlement and a degree of carefreeness, which is now colourfully reflected in the name (‚himmelblau’ is German for ‚sky blue’).


Slot Tray®


Aviation | Slot Tray®

A Spiriant product: a tray for airlines’ on-board service with a name that reveals exactly what it is supposed to do. Thanks to a specially designed slot, passengers can place it on their fold-up tray without it sliding away, and it can also be stacked exceptionally easily. Slot Tray® – sounds better than ‚slot machine’, doesn't it?

Digital Marketing

The New Beaucoup


Digital Marketing | The New Beaucoup

A service provider for digital marketing and social media based in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Unchartered territory with a twist: it basically covers anything and everything the digital world throws at us when it comes to marketing and communication opportunities. Merci beaucoup.

Internal Communications



Internal Communications | Forge

An international industrial group sought a name for an internal discussion board, on which employees worldwide can present and exchange unusual ideas and inventions. The company's history gave the steep slope and turned the digital platform into a forge of ideas.

Marketing & Communication



Marketing & Communication | Nobrokkoli

We'd love to share the story behind our name with you. Why don't we meet?


We are Nobrokkoli

Prof. Nadja Mayer, Creative

Nadja Mayer studied literature and philosophy and, when she's not busy making names for nobrokkoli, she works as a freelance copywriter and author. In addition to campaigns for banks, canned beer and anti-wrinkle creams, she writes about jazz, art and digital media. Since 2016 she's been Professor of Language and Text at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz.

Jochen Peter, Consultant

Jochen Peter is a marketing expert with many years’ consulting experience in large international agencies. His clients during this time included consulting for Beiersdorf, Melitta, Licher and Philip Morris. Most recently he was managing director of his own agency and responsible for customers including Messe Frankfurt, Niehoffs Vaihinger and Union Investment. If he's not advising customers for nobrokkoli, he's usually working on small-scale collages which he regularly exhibits.

Dirk Lehr, Solicitor

nobrokkoli receives legal advice from solicitor Dirk Lehr. He has been working in the field of copyright, trademark and competition law for many years now and advises people and companies including businesspeople, advertising agencies, music producers, record companies, performers, photographers, artists and galleries. He is the author of titles such as ‘Industrial Property Rights, Copyright and Multimedia’ (in German) and ‘Competition Law’ (also in German) as well as columns for the Financial Times Germany.


We’d be delighted to talk with you. How about we take you out to lunch? Our only condition: nobrokkoli.